Frequently Asked Questions

Start is a corporate account for your business. This account number carries your business name and works like a regular bank account number. You can manage your account on your dashboard, receive payments and transfer funds to every Nigerian financial institution.

You will see your account details on your dashboard. Simply copy your account details (account number, account name and bank name) and send them to your customers.

Visit our registration page (link:1app.ng/start) to create a free account.

Submit your business registration details. These include your utility bill, CAC registration number and documents. Our system will assist you in knowing what documents need to be submitted.

While you can start receiving payments instantly, you cannot transfer funds out of your Start account without verification.

Send an email to us at business@1appgo.com letting us know this. 1app Business Start offers the services of helping your business get registered. We will tell you how to proceed.

Send us an email via business@1appgo.com letting us know this. We will tell you how to proceed.

You can get your account number in three minutes or less. Your Start account number is created as soon as we verify your BVN during registration.


For every digital payment service, it is the CBN’s policy to use BVN to validate users and prevent identity theft. Read more at …

Yes, it is. Not just your BVN, your account details and business details are safe with us. 1app boasts of a secured and reliable system for all its products. All your financial information is encrypted and stored to PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant standards. This Level 1 compliance ensures that cardholders' data are protected during e-commerce transactions. In addition, all our pages use HTTPS to ensure more security and trust. Your account can be made more secure by using our 2FA authentication. You are instantly notified by email anytime you log in to your account.

2FA is an added layer of security for your accounts. You can turn this on in your “Preference” settings.

Yes, we do. We’re located at 35, 7up Road, Oluyole 234200, Ibadan.


Yes, registration is free today and will continue to be free. Do not pay anyone to open a Start account with us.

We will only help you get registered with CAC at your request. We charge twenty thousand Naira (N20,000) only for this.

Deposit is free. For all bank transfers to your Start account number, you pay us N0.

If your Start account number is verified, you have no inflow limit. For unverified accounts, you cannot receive more than five hundred thousand Naira (N500,000.00) at a time.

Yes, you can transfer funds out of your Start account anytime. Do not forget that only verified accounts can make transfers. This is to secure your account and prevent fraud and identity theft.

Transfers to any 1app account, personal or business, is free. You get five (5) free transfers to other banks every month. Afterwards, transfers to other banks will cost N20 flat.

Apart from transfer fees and CAC registration fees where applicable, you do not pay for any other transaction on your account. With 1app, you pay close to zero charges for our services.

You can download our mobile app on both the Play Store and App Store. If you have further enquiries, do not hesitate to send us an email via business@1appgo.com.

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