Receive payments with ease without a website or integration.

Create and send payment links to your customers, recieve payment and transfer to any account of your choice instantly without delays.

1ap business

Customise payment links to suit your business needs

You can customize your payments links to match the look of your brand by adding your logo and colors to make your customer feels secure at the check-out page and get the best experience which will help boost your sales.

1app Business
1app Business

Zero integrations or websites needed.

Payments can be collected from clients anywhere in the world using 1app payment links, which don't require any complicated integrations or scripting. Customize links to meet your brand's requirements.

Safety and security guaranteed.

1app's secure payment links provide your customers with peace of mind while transacting with you and let you accept payment with ease with no gateway. We take security very seriously at 1app. Every payment made on our platform is completely safe, even beyond industry standards.

1app Business

Get started now to grow your business.

1app Business is expanding your regular bills payment platform to a fully functional payment platform that helps you manage all payment platforms. We're building a system that will aggregate all payments into one to provide your business with a reliable payment system to get paid.