We have built a payment solution that ultimately works for you.

The first of its kind. 1app Business is a payment processor (having all the payment gateways in a single place) that allows a business receive payment with ease and even without a website or API integration.

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1ap business

Best Payment integration tool for
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1app Business eradicates issues like downtime of a payment gateway, excessive transfer charges, accountability of business funds. 1app Business plays the crucial role of ensuring payments are made seamlessly and with no hitch.

Multiple gateway options

Give your customers the options of choosing their preferred payment gateway.

Ease of integration

Get your users to pay you with just a few button clicks via API, plugins, packages or directly through your payment link..

Customer retention

Retain over 95% of your customers because they have multiple methods of payment.


Get the best analytics of your business. Know the preferred method(s) of payment from your customers.

Fast and seamless payout with our partners

You do not have to worry about receiving your payout. Our payout system is fully automated and you get settled in record time. This gives you the opportunity to pay your merchants and never lose out on getting new goods into your store.

Fast and seamless

One registration with us, and you have access to all payment platforms; giving your clients the flexibility to use any payment option.

24 hours support

We provide 24 hour support system for all business with less than 30 minutes resolution time.

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1app Business is expanding your regular bills payment platform to a fully functional payment platform that helps you manage all payment platforms. We're building a system that will aggregate all payments into one to provide your business with a reliable payment system to get paid.